Rokurinsha , ( Infamous Tsukemen @ Tokyo Station)


Rokurinsha (** Note that the original write-up was back in 2011 shortly after the store opened. In our latest visit in December 2012, there was much shorter queue at lunchtime and even ‘straight-in’ at breakfast. Part of the reason is because a couple more branches have popped up, most notably at the new Tokyo Skytree … Continue reading

Espai Sucre , Barcelona – World’s one-and-only Dessert Restaurant

Espai Sucre06

One of a kind… Possibly the world’s first and only Dessert Restaurant – not a place serving only desserts (that would be Chikalicious in NYC, 2am Dessert Bar in Singapore etc..) but a Restaurant that serves Dessert-like SAVORY DISHES. Yes, you’ve heard it right! To truly understand the essence of ESPAI SUCRE , all one … Continue reading

よろにく Yoroi-Niku (yakiniku) , Tokyo


よろにく – Most highly-rated Yakiniku restaurant in Omotesando , Tokyo. A fixture amongst the TOP 5 on the Tabelog Japan ranking of Best Yakiniku in Tokyo as well as a ‘Hall of Fame’ status on the ultimate yakiniku bible ‘‘. Putting things in context, the tasters at yakiniquest have visited over 100 of the best … Continue reading

Cal Pep ,Barcelona

Cal Pep13

The ‘Tapas Institution’ of Barcelona. When it comes to Tapas Bar, it doesn’t get bigger than the name Cal Pep. In fact, it was ranked as high as #31 in the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards way back in 2005, ahead of names like Masa, WD50, Troigros… not bad for a tapas bar! … Continue reading

Honmura-An (Soba) , Tokyo


Famous SOBA restaurant, hailed from the Big Apple. An atypical success story where the original shop, run by Japanese, actually opens first in New York before it was relocated back to Tokyo! Start the meal with simple but mouth-watering starters like the ITAWASA (fish-cake), Konyaku-Jelly in Ponzu and YUBA-sashimi (tofu-skin). However, the highlight has to … Continue reading

CNN World’s 50 most delicious foods

Hot on the heels of the world’s most talked-about restaurant – NEXT by chef Grant Achatz turning from Escoffier into Thai Restaurant , CNN has now named THAI MASSAMAN CURRY as the world’s most delicious food, beating out arguably more ‘famous’ dishes like PIZZA, SUSHI, CHOCOLATE and PEKING DUCK (#2 – #5 respectively)! In fact, … Continue reading

Din Tai Fung , Taiwan / Hong Kong *

ding tai fung1

World-renowned ‘Xiao Long Bao’ (steamed soup dumplings) specialist , originating from Taiwan. Shot to fame when New York Times named it one of ‘top 10 restaurants in the world’ in 1993. Today, this main branch is on every ‘must visit’ attraction for tourists in Taipei – yes, not just a restaurant, but an attraction in … Continue reading

Kae Kee & Mak’s Noodles , Hong Kong

kau kee3

Everytime we visit Hong Kong, there are 2 ‘fun dining’ places we would visit: 1) KAU KEE beef brisket noodle. Wikipedia : (九記牛腩) is a noodle shop with over ninety years of history on Gough Street in Hong Kong. Kau Kee is noted for creating beef brisket noodles in clear soup[citation needed]. Famous patrons include … Continue reading

Tsukiji Market (part 2 – the sushi)


Another main attraction of visiting the market is the famous row of Sushi-Ya in the outer layer. There are too many to count but 2 are crazily popular – Sushi Dai and Sushi Daiwa – both located next to each other. According to most people, there isn’t much to separate the two although Sushi Dai … Continue reading

Tsukiji Market (part 1 – the market)


Tsukiji Market needs no introduction. So i’ll just quote directly off Wikipedia : ‘..the biggest wholesale and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. There are two distinct sections of the market as a whole. The “inner market” (jonai shijo) is the licensed wholesale market, … Continue reading

Kuromonto (FUGU), Tokyo


Forward : FUGU is a dividing topic in gastronomy. Many westerners, or even Asians and Japanese alike, who have tasted FUGU came away thinking ‘what’s so special?’ In truth, they are probably right – there’s really little to like about FUGU .. except that unique Chewiness of its meat. The more you bite into it, … Continue reading

Pap House (beef specialist) , Tokyo

various beef parts

A favorite yakiniku joint among local gourmets and foodies, featured in many television and radio programs. The specialty of this restaurant lies in the fact that they do not just buy BEEF – they buy COWS , more specifically HEIFERS (virgin 1-year-and-older cows which had not produced a calf). The owner elaborates further that the … Continue reading

Yoshida Yakiniku , Tsuruhachi , Osaka


#1Yakiniku in Tsuruhachi aka ‘Korea Town’ in Osaka More on ‘Korea Town’ or ‘Yakiniku Town’ here :

Afuri , Ramen Ebisu


Afuri Ramen by ‘Ramen Wonderkid’ Nakamura of Ramen Nakamura-Ya Signature ‘Yuzu Choyu Ramen’



Famous Tonkatsu in Ebisu Pioneer maker of Mille-Feuille Tonkatsu , where the pork is machine-sliced into 40 layers for extra tenderness and juiciness! Expect long queues at meal times!