Kohaku ** (fusion Kaiseki by 3-star Ishikawa) , Tokyo

UNI in Yuba (bean curd sheets) and Sudachi (citrus) Jelly

KOHAKU ** Location : Kagurazaka , near Shinjuku. Pedigree : Chef Hideki Ishikawa is amongst many great things, one of the most successful restauranteurs , with at least 7 michelin stars to his name (Ishikawa***, Kohaku**, Ren** ) and counting, and a master to numerous superstar chefs who had gone on to establish kaiseki restaurants … Continue reading

Kodama **, Tokyo


2 Michelin Star Contemporary Japanese Cuisine In an age and particularly in the city where ‘fusion’ is largely frowned upon, Kodama offers one of the most delicious meals one can expect anywhere, anytime in Tokyo. Forget about ‘cha-kaiseki’  or ‘kyo-ryori’ for a second, and just enjoy the very best cooking by self-taught Chef Kodama. Using … Continue reading

Kadowaki **, Tokyo


*SFREELIFE SIGNATURE* Kadowaki , Azubu-Juban Japanese Kaiseki with a twist. Back in 2008, Kadowaki shot to world-wide fame with the arrival of  Michelin Guide in Tokyo, albeit with a totally different reason : Toshiya Kadowaki, owner of Azabu Kadowaki, turned down the chance to appear in Michelin’s Tokyo guide. He can serve only 21 covers … Continue reading