Sushi Kanesaka ** , Tokyo


2 Michelin star sushi in Ginza Shinji Kanesaka-san is one of the most highly-revered sushi master in Japan as well as one being one the most successful restauranteur , owning no less than 3 michelin-rated Sushi-yas in Tokyo and being the first sushi brand to successfully make its name overseas with Shinji at legendary Raffles … Continue reading

Albert Tse , China Blue * , Tokyo


1 Michelin Star Modern Chinese Cuisine – CHINA BLUE @ Conrad Tokyo Head chef Albert Tse has also received one of the highest gastronomic accolades: Escoffier’s Culinary Art Master. Guest Chef at LIU, Conrad Bangkok. Nice western presentation of quasi-traditional Cantonese cuisine. No fireworks- 1 Michelin star sounds just about right.

Michelin Tokyo 2012


At sfreelife, Tokyo is THE ultimate gastronomic destination. Hence, the annual release of the Michelin guide was much-anticipated. The Michelin Red Guide 2012 cover ,in addition to  Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura, new areas such as  Shonan. , Yokosuka, Hayama, Zushi, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Oiso, Odawara, and Yugawara. Highlights include: – 17 restaurants earned three stars … Continue reading

Sant Pau ***

Sant Pau15

3 Michelin Star Back in February 2011, we set off for a journey to the world capital of gastronomy that is Spain. On a trip that we would savor the finest dishes from the greatest chefs at the most famous restaurants of the world, Sant Pau , understandably, wasn’t our most highly-anticipated meal. Somehow, even … Continue reading

Les Creations de Narisawa** (Dec’10)


2 Michelin Star Contemporary French with Japanese influence. San Pellegrino World’s  50 Best Restaurant Awards : #20 (2009) , #29 (2010), #12 (2011) Highly recommened by our friend, Kevin at , this was indeed one of the most anticipated meal of our Tokyo trip way back in Winter 2010. Narisawa , the perennial Best Asian … Continue reading

Gastronomic 2011


It’s been a while since we’ve updated Please bare with us while we compile the next series of reviews of the most exciting restaurants in the world. 2011 has been a wild ride , taking out culinary journey from Tokyo to Spain, London, New York, Chicago , Hong Kong, Singapore and most recently a … Continue reading

Sushi Sawada**, Tokyo


2 michelin star sushi One of the most highly-rated sushi in Tokyo. Masterchef KOJI SAWADA runs this tiny sushi place single-handedly with his wife as the sole waitress. An immensely intimidating atmosphere where we were told repeatedly not to take photographs. The chef later did however apologize and explained that Japanese his regular customers find … Continue reading

Kadowaki **, Tokyo


*SFREELIFE SIGNATURE* Kadowaki , Azubu-Juban Japanese Kaiseki with a twist. Back in 2008, Kadowaki shot to world-wide fame with the arrival of  Michelin Guide in Tokyo, albeit with a totally different reason : Toshiya Kadowaki, owner of Azabu Kadowaki, turned down the chance to appear in Michelin’s Tokyo guide. He can serve only 21 covers … Continue reading

Ryugin** , Tokyo (2nd visit, 2010)

Ryugin 1013

Nihonryori Ryugin by Seiji Yamamoto 2 Star Michelin San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant : #48 in 2010 , #20 in 2011. Restaurant Magazine : “The menu at Nihonryori RyuGin is built around the seasons and chef Seiji Yamamoto takes great care to retain the integrity of traditional Japanese ingredients and cooking methods while pushing … Continue reading

Tsukiji Yamamoto (FUGU) **, Tokyo


Long-standing, famous FUGU-senmon (fugu specialist) restaurant near Tsukiji Market. 2 Star Michelin ever since the guide was printed – losing only to recently-crowned 3 star USUKIFUGU YAMADAYA. As with most michelin-rated FUGU place, Yamamoto serves a Fugu-Kaiseki or a blowfish- course conprising of every imaginable part of the highly-prized, seasonal puffer fish. The best ones … Continue reading

Fukamachi* (Tempura), Tokyo


1 Michelin Star Tempura in Ginza (Kyobashi) , Tokyo Consistently superlative quality of tempura shrines through the whole meal. Yes, there are several more high-profile (2 and even 3 stars) michelin-rated Tempura in Tokyo but unless you are one tempura-connoisseur , most of us would not find Fukamachi  inferior by any means. The location is … Continue reading

Ishikawa *** , Tokyo


3 star michelin KAISEKI , in Kagurazaka (Shijuku-ku) Top-class food, with several excellent dishes (not all). All-in-all , we thought 3 stars were a (just a little) stretched, but that’s only because we certainly would not rate it on the same  level as (our all-time favorite nevertheless 2-stars ) KIKUNOI but certainly beat out fellow … Continue reading

Sukiyabashi Jiro*** , Tokyo


For the past 3 years, and most recently in January 2011 (before the tsunami devastation hit Japan) , sfreelife tasters embarked on a ‘sushi journey’ to the reputably ‘greatest sushi restaurants’ in the world (ie. Tokyo). Without a doubt, sushi is a favorite amongst our tasters, who self-admittedly play a part in pushing those rare … Continue reading

Din Tai Fung , Taiwan / Hong Kong *

ding tai fung1

World-renowned ‘Xiao Long Bao’ (steamed soup dumplings) specialist , originating from Taiwan. Shot to fame when New York Times named it one of ‘top 10 restaurants in the world’ in 1993. Today, this main branch is on every ‘must visit’ attraction for tourists in Taipei – yes, not just a restaurant, but an attraction in … Continue reading

World Gourmet Summit (pt. 2 : line-up)

After scouting around on backgrounds and for recommendations of chefs visiting the World Gourmet Summit 2011, Singapore, we have finally completed our program to visit from a long but , frankly, lackluster list of michelin and non-michelin chefs : 1) Bruno Menard of L’Osier***, Japan This would be our second dinner by Chef Bruno. Our … Continue reading