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  • World’s Best Restaurant 2014

    NOMA by  René Redzepi

    NOMA by René Redzepi

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Sfreelife continues…. To all readers of this blog, we are sorry that we have been unable to publish reviews over the past year. Our ‘fine and fun dining’ journey has certainly not been halted ; in fact, we have expanded and covered more top restaurants all around the world than, admittedly, our editorials can keep … Continue reading


2013 WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANT (leaked)

( Spoiler Alert! ) Seems like the San Pellegrino list has been leaked… El Celler de Can Roca toppling Noma off World’s 50 Best No 1 spot … (courtesy of El Pais in Spain ) The Entire World’s 50 Best Restaurants List 2013 1. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, España 2. Noma Copenhague, Dinamarca … Continue reading


Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant – Roundup

FEB 25th saw the inaugural San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards. Forget abt the Oscars ..this was THE biggest award as far as we were concerned! As a member of the Voting Academy of World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, we were given the amazing opportunity to attend the glamorous event at Marina Bay Sands, … Continue reading


Harutaka * ( Chef’s Choice Sushi by ex-Jiro Chef) , Tokyo

HARUTAKA * , Ginza,  Tokyo. Pedigree : 1 michelin star. (2 stars in 2011) Harutaka is very well known as chef’s favorite sushi ( Ryugin’s Seiji Yamamoto and even fellow sushi-master 3-star Yoshitake-san) , possibly because this sushi-ya opens till late in time for chef’s supper after work! The chef here is  also a former … Continue reading


Rokurinsha , ( Infamous Tsukemen @ Tokyo Station)

Rokurinsha (** Note that the original write-up was back in 2011 shortly after the store opened. In our latest visit in December 2012, there was much shorter queue at lunchtime and even ‘straight-in’ at breakfast. Part of the reason is because a couple more branches have popped up, most notably at the new Tokyo Skytree … Continue reading

Jiro Roppongi02

Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi ** , Tokyo (so near.. yet so far)

Sukiyabashi Jiro , Roppongi Branch Pedigree : 2 Michelin Stars run by the son of THE LEGEND – Jiro Ono. By now, the man needs no introduction .. just grab the dvd of ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ ! Location : Within the landmark ROPPONGI HILLS complex (side building). In the vicinity are michelin-loaded restaurants like … Continue reading

UNI in Yuba (bean curd sheets) and Sudachi (citrus) Jelly

Kohaku ** (fusion Kaiseki by 3-star Ishikawa) , Tokyo

KOHAKU ** Location : Kagurazaka , near Shinjuku. Pedigree : Chef Hideki Ishikawa is amongst many great things, one of the most successful restauranteurs , with at least 7 michelin stars to his name (Ishikawa***, Kohaku**, Ren** ) and counting, and a master to numerous superstar chefs who had gone on to establish kaiseki restaurants … Continue reading

The Tokyo Institution of Kaiseki

KYO-AJI (Tokyo’s Most-Revered Restaurant) , August’12

KYO-AJI Where to start? The best restaurant in tokyo … the constant chart-topper in Tabelog… the master of numerous 3-star chefs…. the chef who rejected michelin…. introduction-only … months-long waiting list even for regular diners… the ‘original’ character which the ubiquitous OISHINBO manga comic was based on, sparking the gourmet culture in Japan … +++ … Continue reading

'Spring Salad' of Tairagai and Takenoko (bamboo shoots)

Ginza Okuda ** (by 3-star KOJYU) , Tokyo

Ginza Okuda ** Date of visit : APRIL 2012 Location : at the heart of GINZA Pedigree: By Chef Toru OKUDA of 3-star KOJYU. Ginza Okuda has one of the ‘oddest ‘concept for Michelin restaurants… It’s not technically a branch of Kojyu.. but it has the same concept, serves ‘similar’ dishes that claims to ‘strive  … Continue reading


Kanda *** ( Perennial 3 Star Kaiseki), Tokyo

KANDA*** Pedigree : 3 Michelin Stars ever since the Tokyo red-guide was introduced. Verdict : Exquisite , true-3star Kaiseki. Kanda’s cooking, offers simpler, yet more refined, cooking than its 3-stars counterparts (Ryugin, Kojyu) , whose chefs coincidentally come from the same master at the infamous Aoyagi Restaurant in Tokushima. Retaining the pure taste of its … Continue reading

SIGNATURE : KAJIKI Zuke (marinated Blue Marlin)

Sushi Kimura ** (2013 Debut Michelin 2-star Sushi) , Tokyo

Sushi Kimura ** Tabelog : http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1317/A131708/13026584/dtlphotolst/1/smp0/D-normal/2/ Location : Outside city center. FUTAKO-TAMAGAWA , a relatively new fashionable residential area of the affluent. Pedigree : Debut in the 2013 Michelin Tokyo guide with 2 stars. Considering that the sushi category has been relatively ‘untouchable’ with the likes of Jiro, Mizutani, Saito and constant 2-stars like Sawada … Continue reading


DEN ** , Tokyo ( Tokyo’s Most Exciting Restaurant! )

DEN – 2 Michelin Star ‘innovative’ Kaiseki Location :  Slightly outside the city center of ‘ginza’ in JIMBOCHO district (taxi recommended) … very difficult to locate too as you’d need to walk into a small lane off the main road … the best way is to locate the ‘7-Eleven’ store and walk right in… Be … Continue reading


Azurmendi *** , Larrabetzu , Spain (2013 : 3-star Michelin receipient)

AZURMENDI – 2013 newly-awarded 3 Michelin Stars!!! Visit Date : FEB’12 Helmed by Chef Eneko Atxa , a former sous-chef of perennial 3-star Martín Berasategui, Azurmendi was a ‘lesser-known’ 2-star establishment in the countryside of Larrabetzu , not far from Bilbao airport. Setting: Must be one of the largest michelin-rated restarants in the world – … Continue reading

Espai Sucre06

Espai Sucre , Barcelona – World’s one-and-only Dessert Restaurant

One of a kind… Possibly the world’s first and only Dessert Restaurant – not a place serving only desserts (that would be Chikalicious in NYC, 2am Dessert Bar in Singapore etc..) but a Restaurant that serves Dessert-like SAVORY DISHES. Yes, you’ve heard it right! To truly understand the essence of ESPAI SUCRE , all one … Continue reading


UMI **, Tokyo

UMI ** 2 Michelin Star Sushi in AOYOMA, Tokyo. Not far off the main shopping areas of Omotesando/Aoyama. This lively sushi-ya serves over 30 different selections of fishes, including tsumami (sashimi) and nigiri (sushi). Sourcing seafood from all over Japan, the emphasis is on ‘quantity’ and ‘variety’. That’s not taking away anything from the sushi … Continue reading